Turning Your Vision Into Reality.

The FREEDOM Accelerator

  • BUILD The Mindset Required For Success.
  • IDENTIFY a Clear Vision Of Your Next 1-5 years.
  • LEARN All You Need Around Business, Marketing & Sales 
  • LAUNCH Your Own Powerful Brand & Package In 8 Weeks.
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Who else has been through it?

"I was a burnt out personal trainer trading time for money realising this wasn't scalable. After the accelerator I am now building my dream and passion to empower and connect blended families through physical and mental transformational packages starting at $3000."

Darren Rush (@darren.rush09)
From Personal Trainer To Blended-Family Coach.

"I had a side hustle making minimal money with no clear direction on how to grow. After the accelerator I am now building my dream and passion by creating transformation packages starting at $2500 for men who want to overcome their negative environments to create a positive future and reality for themselves and their families."

Sabrina Puia (@scentsitiveandco)
From Side-Hustle To Empowerment Coach

"I was a mum in the fitness industry with no clear vision or direction and always fell to self doubt. After the accelerator my vision is now clear as I build my dream life for me and my family through creating transformational packages starting at $999. I now specialise in helping Polynesian woman struggling with confidence and weight issues to help them overcome self doubt and a lack of self belief."

Mele Apolosi (@_your_stars)
From Personal Trainer To Polynesian Transformation Specialist

"I was working a 9-5 job in corporate IT consumed by a negative mindset feeling trapped and almost like a slave to my routine. After the accelerator I am now creating and building towards a clear vision aligned with my passion and happiness by providing English Confidence packages starting at $2000. Through these packages I equip International migrants coming into Australia with everything they need to successfully integrate into society and secure their career or the position they desire."

Kanji Low (@supkanji)
From Corporate IT Job To Language Confidence Coach

"I was a personal trainer living week to week trying to support a family but knowing this wasn't sustainable. After the accelerator I am now building my vision and chasing my true passion by providing transformational packages to athletes starting $4000. I equip these athletes with mental, physical and business skills to help them achieve an elite level while also setting up for their future beyond their sporting careers."

Jashon Singh (@jashonhari)
From Personal Trainer To Elite Athlete Development

How Does It Work?

The 8 week process is built from a proven and tested system. Each of the 8 weeks are broken down into key areas and learning outcomes which will be achieve through the following:

1x Weekly 45 Minute Strategy Session with Chent: 

Chent will personally mentor you weekly to ensure all learning outcomes are 110% clear and targets are met as you go through each week.

(Your business becomes Chent's priority).

1x Weekly Training Video Personalised By Chent: 

After your Weekly Strategy Session. Chent will personally record a Weekly Training Video Specific to your Vision to help assist you towards your target.

(Not a cookie cutter program).

1x Weekly Live Group Q&A Session With Chent & Other Accelerators:

You get to connect with other Accelerators all building their own vision walking the same path as you. We come together weekly as a family to overcome obstacles, empower each other and talk about the latest market trends and tips to stay ahead.

(Teamwork makes the dream work).

Lifetime Access To Our Private Facebook Community Of Accelerators:

We hold you accountable to sticking to your vision as we regularly have #CheckIn and #Challenge to ensure you never fall off or go through any rough times alone.

(When I say we're family I mean it).

24 Hour Personal Contact and Support From Chent:

You will have personal contact with Chent and other accelerators as your 24/7 support group to ensure you are prepared for any and all challenges. 

(Your back will be covered - always).

Find Out If You're Eligible To Join Us!

Can You Tell Me More About Each Week?

Here is a breakdown of our focus for each week:

The Curriculum

This is THE most important step as we build your self awareness level to achieve what we call a 'present mindset'. From here you will be able to reprogram negative thought patterns and limiting mentalities that currently BLOCK any chance of your vision become a reality.

Now that we have an end goal, grand vision and dream life number. We can now begin to reverse engineer this number to find out exactly how much you need to be early per month, week and day.

Now that you understand your self worth and the power of your new package with a new price point in place. We provide you with a proven sales script which is fully customisable and train you up on advanced sales psychology ensuring you are prepared.

Now that we know your daily number target, we must build a package to earn this revenue. We gain clarity on the problem you are passionate about solution in the world today and build the early stages of your Brand around this problem.

Now that your brand, problem, solution, strategy and package is created. We can begin validating your package in the live market with real clients before our upcoming launch.

We have tested the market and live clients to gain valuable validation and feedback. We now use this market research to repackage and position your offer accordingly while providing you with sales psychology training so you're ready for your launch.

This is where many fail and fall to deeper subconscious limitations as we are nearing crunch time. Your vision is now an arms reach away and you will require support and coaching through this process to ensure you follow through with all the grand plans that have been made.

We take your package and product to the market. At this point we would not only be confident with marketing and sales but also have leads and even potential pre-sales through our earlier process. 

Your new life and path towards building your vision truly begins here.

How Do I Join The Accelerator?

Unfortunately the reality is that everyone is NOT fit and ready to start building their Vision.
You must be at a point where you realise you are currently not happy or not moving at the pace you should be.
Your current job, lifestyle and routine is not working for you anymore BUT you have been trying.
You may have ideas, a side hustle or even a start up business but it still hasn't resulted in your FREEDOM.
If this sounds like you let's talk see see The Freedom Accelerator can help you!


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