→ Quit The Job You Hate.

Don't waste anymore of your precious life showing up every Monday at a job draining your energy.

→ Make Money While You Travel.

Have your whole business setup online and managed simply through your laptop and mobile phone.

→ Work On Your Own Schedule.

You control the hours you work, the days you work, and even the type of clients you wish to work with.

Start Building Your Dream Life Today

Meet Our Other Graduates:

"I was a burnt out personal trainer trading time for money realising this wasn't scalable. After the accelerator I am now in a position to build my dream while also helping other parents restore their own dreams whether it be earning more money or achieving freedom for their family and kids."

Darren Rush (@darren.rush09)
From Struggling Parent To Restoring & Building His Dream..

"I had a successful apparel brand which I launched and grew so fast that I found myself struggling to manage time and couldn’t see what my next step looked like. After the accelerator I was able to open my eyes to a much bigger vision and opportunity allowing me to earn more money for my family, create more time and help grow other struggling apparel brands with the blueprint I used for my own."

Lindsay Gaono (@LSGdesigns)
From Side-Hustle To Full-Time Business.

"Being a mum in the fitness industry with no clear vision or direction I always fell to self doubt. After the accelerator my vision is now clear and I have created a package to help Polynesian women bring back their confidence and smile, which as a result has given me and my family the options and freedom we never had"

Mele Apolosi (@_your_stars)
From Personal Trainer To Polynesian Female Transformations.

"Working a 9-5 job in corporate IT I felt trapped and like I was a slave to my job. After the accelerator I am now creating and building my online business which has opened up an income stream and the opportunity to earn, travel and live a life of freedom. My passion now is to help other people stuck in the Corporate World to do the same."

Kanji Low (@kanji.low)
From Corporate IT Job To Online Business Strategist.

"I was a personal trainer living week to week trying to support a family as a father but knowing this wasn't sustainable. After the accelerator I have created a package which has given me the opportunity to earn more than I could imagine and better yet help other fathers to do the same."

Jashon Singh (@jashon.singh)
From Personal Trainer To Online Business Strategist.

"Leaving university I was spending all my time and focus into developing an App called Prettli which I knew had the potential to change industries but I wasn’t make the progress I envisioned. After the accelerator I have become the founder and CEO who I need to be to make this vision come to life, along with launching my own apparel brand which ties into this vision."

Ben Kitoko (@benkitoko)
From Idea to Launch.

"Being an ex athlete working a regular job I still had dreams which led me to start my own apparel brand although I was in a position where I had no strategy or vision. After the accelerator I became clear on who am I, the purpose and strategy for my brand and the vision moving forward with my life."

Tamuta Mataora (@tamu_cl_)
From Idea To Successful Brand.

"Working an average job my life mission and passion is to spark the hearts and minds of people to live on purpose. This brought me to the accelerator where it has been helping me find clarity, vision and strategy to turn this life mission and passion of mine into an online business where I myself can live a life on purpose."

Corey Stickland (@coreystickland)
From a Job To Online Coach.

Take The First Step Towards Your Online Business Today!

How Does It Work?

1x Weekly 45 Minute Strategy Session with Chent: 

Chent will personally mentor you weekly to ensure you are on track towards launching your business after 8 weeks.

(Your business becomes Chent's priority).

1x Weekly Training Video Personalised By Chent: 

Chent will personally record a Weekly Training Video so you have a Clear Daily and Weekly focus without feeling confused or lost.

(Not a cookie cutter program).

1x Weekly Live Group Training All Online:

We connect weekly online and you get access to other Accelerators all building their own online businesses so you aren't alone.

(Teamwork makes the dream work).

24 Hour Support:

You will have personal contact with Chent and other accelerators as your 24/7 support group to ensure you are prepared for any and all challenges. 

(Your back will be covered - always).

100% Money Back Guarentee:


If you get to the end of 8-Weeks, follow all of our criteria, complete all tasks, and you don't have an online business ready for clients we will give you a FULL REFUND.

(This is how confident we are).

Tell Me More About Chent?

Chent came from a dysfunctional family after losing his mother at 14 and getting caught into Gangs and Drugs as a result.

Regardless Chent made it to University where he studied Civil Engineering and worked in the engineering field for 5 years before realised he HATED his job.

This inspired Chent to chase his passion in empowering people where he became a successful personal trainer earning up to $2,000 per week.

Along side this whole journey Chent started multiple side hustles and businesses from Apparel Brands, Advertising Brands and even a Future Technology Business which took him to Paris and got valuated at $1M.

This may seem like the dream but Chent realised he was bound to one location and wasn't getting paid when he was travelling or when sick, this wasn't freedom.

He realised he needed to take his own business online and as a result hired coaches to turn his skills and experience into a profitable online business where he now teaches others to do the same. 

Alright, Let Me Talk To Chent!

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